Sam Z. Scandaliato, P.E.

Curriculum Vitae



Tulane University

New Orleans, Louisiana

Bachelor’s of Science & Civil Engineering


Tulane University

New Orleans, Louisiana

24 credit hours – Post Graduate Studies

Civil Engineering


S.Z.S. Consultants (formerly Scandaliato-Cenac)

Engineering & environmental services

New Orleans, Louisiana

1977 – present



Opened consulting engineers business in Eastern New Orleans in March, 1977.  In 23 years, the firm has been responsible for over 2,700 different assignments. The firm is recognized as one of the most diversified firms in the Greater New Orleans area in all types of engineering, land surveying, field inspections and supervision, foundation installation and repair, and sewage treatment processes.


St. Mary Galvanizing Corporation

Bayou Vista

Morgan City, Louisiana

1972 – 1977



Responsible for daily operations of hot dip galvanizing plant serving the offshore industry in the Morgan City area. Plant was purchased with little or not business and within two years it was one of the most productive galvanizing plants along the Gulf Coast.


Tidelands Engineering & Development Corporation

Metairie, Louisiana

1970 – 1972

Design Engineer/50% Partner in Firm


Responsible for general design of all types of projects: commercial, residential and industrial. One of the principal duties was to secure work for firm and increase size of engineering staff and workload. Within two years, staff and workload increased four to five times.


Orleans Materials & Equipment Company, Inc.

New Orleans, Louisiana

1958 – 1970

Chief Engineer


Responsible for all estimating, design and drafting for all structural steel furnished and fabricated for various projects such as highway and roadway bridges, low and high rise buildings, commercial centers, missile service towers, airports and numerous other miscellaneous projects.


U.S. Corps of Engineers

Summer employment during undergraduate studies at Tulane University.


Engineer: States of Louisiana & Mississippi

Land Surveyor: State of Louisiana


American Society of Civil Engineers

Society of Tulane Engineers


Extensive experience in foundation design, installation and rehabilitation, particularly as it relates to soil conditions throughout the New Orleans area. Owner of a patented special rigid pile connector that affords economical pile installation under almost any circumstances.


Scandaliato was the lead Geotechnical Consultant on the new Pic-N-Save (McFrugal’s) Distribution Center in Eastern New Orleans.  The building has over one million square feet of floor space and occupies several acres. It was through the efforts and expertise in foundation techniques of Scandaliato that the facility finally located in New Orleans after reports were circulated by competitive cities that the soil conditions were inferior. Scandaliato’s firm turned this negative thinking around through careful planning, and the building was ultimately built in Eastern New Orleans.



Responsible for hundreds of land surveys throughout the Greater New Orleans area.  Practice continues on an ongoing basis. Surveyed thousands of acres in the New Orleans East area over the past 17 years. Presently, the company is under contract with the City of New Orleans for enforcement of compliance with FEMA’s flood regulations.


Designer of the steel buildings for the first major airport expansion in Honolulu, Hawaii. Also structural engineer for several major structures and industrial facilities.  Scandaliato’s knowledge and expertise on steel design allows him to play an important role in many key industrial complex expansions.


Owner of one of the most advanced sewage and wastewater treatment processes using anaerobic bacteria to biodegrade waste. This technology will ultimately end pollution caused by non-toxic waste resulting from sewage, food, processing plants, oil refineries, etc., at very economical and cost-effective rates.


Scandaliato has performed numerous inspections of structures, both commercial and residential, establishing and identifying those elements of the architectural and structural design that were subject to distress from both natural and man-made causes. The list of inspections included those structures--mainly homes--that were affected by important foundation conditions not considered by others in their original design. In addition, Scandaliato has supervised the construction of many houses for clients who required good skills, while at the same time maintaining the highest level of administrative integrity. Currently, Scandaliato is the Field Engineering Consultant for the Department of Safety & Permits for the City of New Orleans and he is also the construction compliance engineer for the Liberty Bank & Trust Co., one of the leading lending institutions in the Greater New Orleans area.  Scandaliato  has provided home-site inspections in Dover, New Hampshire and Demarest, New Jersey, all in conjunction with property distress.

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