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Anaerobic Technologies uses organic waste disposal techniques which were perfected in the early 1970s. It had been used with great success in many small and medium-sized communities, in hospitals, and in several large, high waste-producing industries.

The heart of the process is called the Reactor. This is a completely sealed chamber with continuous water flow. It maintains a total absence of free oxygen and light, and is therefore considered to be anaerobic. This chamber is "inoculated" with a special mix of 55 different species of anaerobic bacteria. Each type of bacteria will attack and digest a different type of organic material. Some will attack carbohydrates, some proteins and others fats.

This anaerobic bacterial medium will automatically adjusts to the mix of material fed into the Reactor. If the input is primarily fat based waste, as from a restaurant or slaughter house, those bacteria that digest and degrade fat will predominate in the Reactor. If the input is primarily starch, as in a sugar processing plant, the carbohydrate-consuming bacteria will predominate. In a common municipal waste disposal situation, the Reactor will have an even balance of all 55 bacteria.

The effluent from the Reactor, no matter what the input, is almost pure water. Sludge is not a problem, since the bacteria do not leave sludge behind as a byproduct.

Since there are no moving parts in the reactor, there is no requirement for outside energy input. Unlike traditional aerobic waste disposal plants, that require thousands of kilowatts of energy to run, the anaerobic reactor can be built hundreds of miles from the nearest power source.

In addition, unlike traditional waste treatment facilities, the Reactor needs no sophisticated mechanical equipment and minimal human oversight. Many reactors have functioned, virtually maintenance free, for 10 to 15 years. Again, this would be ideal for use in primitive and remote locations.

Anaerobic Technologies is the waste treatment and management solution for the 21st Century.

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