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Anaerobic Technologies is the leading authority on the application of PURE anaerobic waste treatment and management.

This inexpensive and effective means of organic waste disposal can be used as a start-up waste treatment program. It can also be used to replace present systems or as a parallel adjunct to an existing system.

In MUNICIPAL applications, it can serve tiny communities of 500 or the largest metropolis.

In AGRICULTURE, the process can cleanse the waste from the largest dairy, poultry, swine or cattle farm. The effluent from the waste treatment reactor can be safely emptied into local waterways without the danger of pollution.

COMMERCIALLY, the Anaerobic Technologies techniques can process virtually any organic industrial waste. From hospitals to factories to large processing and manufacturing plants, the anaerobic bacterial reactor can digest and transform all organic materials into a safe, clean effluent.

Consider these advantages:

  1. Lower construction costs (less than 50% of conventional methods)
  2. Very low maintenance
  3. Conserves space
  4. Odor Free
  5. Expandable
  6. Maximum biodegradable effectivness (over 90%)
  7. Economical operation
  8. No moving parts
  9. Energy efficient
  10. Little or no sludge
  11. Easily upgrades older inefficient systems
  12. Unlimited capacity

To learn more call us: Sam Z. Scandaliato, (504)241-9444; or David Wyatt, (805) 965-5059.

All reactors treat waste differently, some slow, some fast, and some more complete than others of similar nature. We require all of our clients to participate with us in a pilot program to handle the specific needs before the main unit is installed and operating.

Background | The Technology | Who We Are | Analysis | How It Works | Contact Us | Home

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